Who's Mark?

I've been an individual investor for many years, and blogged under a couple of monikers since 2006.

I've also never been one for following the herd, and have successfully managed my own savings using contrarian investment techniques, common sense, and often unconventional means that usually went against the prevailing wisdom of the time.

Although I consider myself an average Joe American like most everyone else, I've probably been more successful than 95% of the "experts" often held in high esteem throughout the financial media.

I've openly proven myself and my claim for years in a previous blog, that with a little time and effort, individual investors can manage their finances and investments better, cheaper, and safer than most professionals could do it for them. I correctly forecasted and acted upon the 2007 recession, the 2009 market bottom, the resulting 2009-2012 bull market, and am continuing my claim with this blog.

The financial opinions, economic forecasts, market movements, and stock picks that I've shared with my previous readers over the past years would have saved them a lot of grief, significantly enriched their wallets, and likely would have made their lives a little easier to live had they followed my lead.

But, whaddya gonna do? You can't "make" people see things they don't want to see.

Unfortunately, most people just refuse to break free of the matrix known as Wall Street, and to think for themselves. They've become assimilated into the herd and lost their ability to make decisions on their own. They need someone else telling them what to do, how to act, or how to think.

Regardless, I've started blogging again, but this time anonymously, because I have a gift (or curse) for what I do and because I really enjoy the creativity. Perhaps I can also convince the few inquisitive individual investors finding my blog to correctly decide and choose what is best for their own future.

You're welcome to come along for the ride if you care, or to come along if you dare. Just remember - I'm an unconventional individual investor and reading this blog will require you to have a cynical sense of humor, to think on your own, and have the ability to take a journey to the center of your mind.

As always, I don't have all of the answers. Anything you read here should not be considered personal financial or investment advice. Conduct your own due diligence or consult a personal financial advisor before relying on any information found on this blog to manage your own finances or investments.