Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekly Wrap | More Pain

Just for my own records again - the S&P 500 index lost another 1.5% this week, closing out at 1412. That's about 3.5% off it's peak of last month - down, but not out.

It seems like the stock market's still have a little fight left in them, and won't go down in the first few rounds. Personally, I'm still waiting on that knockout punch no one saw coming.

So, I thought I would ask an old clubbing buddy his thoughts of the stock markets in the near term? He's been around the ring a few times and often has confident insight into his opponents capabilities.

Here's his prediction about that fight -

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  1. Just for my own records - the big three stock markets remained essentially flat for this hurricane-shortened trading week, and with mixed results.

    The S&P 500 index was the only winner, and closed out this week at 1414, a 0.2% gain over last week's finish.

    Seems to me that everyone may be waiting for the results of next week's Presidential election before making a commitment with their investments. But, I guess only time will tell which way they'll move.

    I can't wait for next Friday's results. I still think we're in for a pullback and I'm still fully invested in cash.