Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekly Wrap

Just like a fickle and beautiful woman. After losing faith in my high opinion of her, listening to others with sinister motives, and coming undone just three short months ago, it looks as though this crazy stock market has come to appreciate my sticking with her throughout the storm, once again.

The S&P 500 gained ground for the fifth straight week, up 1.1% this week, closing at 1406.

But love is a two-way street and I'm not that forgiving. While I'll continue to enjoy her fading beauty and stick with her for the short-term, expect me to soon be looking into investing in something not quite as volatile and with a little more stability. Hopefully, I'll be able to time it right.. knock on wood.

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  1. The S&P 500 reached it's sixth straight week of gains.

    Although this week's trading volume has been the lowest it's been all year, the Dow ended up 0.5 percent, the S&P 500 was up 0.9 percent and the Nasdaq was up 1.8 percent. The S&P 500 needs to close above 1,419.04, the index's April high, to make a new four-year high.

    Weekly Wrap for August 17th, per - Dow +25.09 at 13280.31, Nasdaq +14.20 at 3076.59, S&P +2.65 at 1418.16