Monday, March 25, 2013

Donor-Advised Funds

If you've been smart enough to allocate your savings appropriately, invest using index funds, and not have touched it during the 2008 crash, then at this time you'd be outperforming the vast majority of active investment managers. Congratulations!

But, now that stock markets have recovered and reached new heights, and your index fund savings have surpassed pre-recessionary highs, what are you going to do with all of your new found gains?

Do you want to be a miser? You can't take it all with you when you go.

Consider giving some of your savings away to a good cause. Now is the right time to give it away.

A donor-advised fund is a philanthropic vehicle established as a public charity. It allows donors to make charitable contributions into the fund and receive an immediate tax benefit.

Donors can then invest those contributions among the various type of investment choices offered by the fund, recommend grants from the fund to charities of the donor's choice, and to donate at times determined by the donor.

Along with being allowed to personally-manage my investment contributions to the fund, the most appealing aspect of a donor-advised fund to me, is that I can donate to a charity without constantly being bombarded with telephone calls, emails, and postal mail requests for more donations, even after I ask not to be contacted. The fund serves as my intermediary. Learn more at Vanguard.

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