Friday, October 28, 2011

Are You Being Played Again?

I've been reading more and more manipulative reports lately in the financial media, attempting to shift blame for this economic crisis onto the gullible rubes who bought homes at, or near, the peak of the housing bubble. It seems as though the people in these reports are saying "you bought the bag of goods we were selling, so it's your current debt, your unemployment, and your inability to qualify for even more debt that's perpetuating the problem."

That's right, it's not the people who encouraged you to apply for a mortgage they knew you couldn't possibly afford, told you that a $100,000.00 home was really worth $500,000.00 and appraised it as such, loaned you 100% (or more) of the home price knowing that taxpayers would be stuck paying the bill if you defaulted, and then packaged these fraudulent loans and sold them to gullible investors as "safe" investments.

It's YOUR FAULT for not seeing through their criminal enterprise.

Be a critical reader folks and you'll see that what I'm saying is correct. Underwater homeowners are being blamed more and more for current economic conditions. Unbelievably, the perpetrators of this historic financial crisis are now blaming your debt for their crimes. It's almost as though the victims of these crimes are now being considered the perpetrators.

Do I really need to say that it's not your fault? For goodness sake, don't be played AGAIN!

The REAL perpetrators want you to forget that the actual cause of our economic crisis stems from fraudulent financial derivatives created by Wall Street, corrupt politicians, crooked mortgage lenders, and an unethical real estate industry, all of whom exploited your foolish gullibility.. and freely continue to do so to this day.

So, I'm posting this seminal investigation of the real causes behind this economic crisis, conducted by the unerringly ethical investigative reporters at PBS FRONTLINE.

This way you can decide for yourself if our current economic problems are truly your fault.

Source: PBS Frontline, The Warning.

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