Sunday, October 30, 2011

Be "One" With The Markets

I've always been asked how is that I can see things others cannot see, or refuse to see? How is it that I know what's going to happen, just before it happens? I use what I call "market meditation".

When it comes to investing, I'm a fundamentalist. It's hard to argue with the math.

But, years of experience have also taught me to think for myself, trust my instinct and intuition, and to have faith in my own abilities. People move the markets, and I have this keen ability to understand people's fears and motivations, and to correctly gauge how they will react based on their beliefs and perceptions. As such, this ability allows me to "be one with the markets".

But, people always want concrete answers for things that can't easily be explained.

Unfortunately, the only way I know how to explain my continual success is that - when you cease to strive to understand irrational markets, then you will know - without understanding.

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